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Activity Groups & Conveners


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Art Appreciation (SAAG)


Tony Taylor

Monthly, agreed Tuesday, 9.30 am

Book Club


Mary Bradley, Alicia Beaton

Last Monday, 2.00-4.00pm

Bridge Intermediate/Improvers


Carol Gibson

Weekly: Fridays 2.00pm



Hazel Burl

Weekly Wed 9.30-11.30am

Computing & Technology


Peter Dakeyne

Quarterly meetings and on-line forum

Discussion Group


David Warner

2nd Tuesday at 10.00am

French Conversation (1)


Andrea Burton

2nd & 4th Tuesday mornings

French Conversation (2)


Zuleika Dobson

Alternate Wednesdays, 10.00am

Gardens & Things


Stewart Dorward

3rd Thursday at 9.30am (Combs)



Linda Reynolds, David Loades

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 2.00pm

History (New)


Melanie Westenra-Hartley

2nd Thursday, 2.00pm

Lunch Club (1)


Angela Bentley

2nd Thursday, 12.30pm

Lunch Club (2)


Bryan Hilton

4th Wednesday, 12.30pm

Lunch Club (3)


Linda Benbow

4th Thursday, 12.30pm

Lunch Club (Sunday)


Andrea Burton

By arrangement



Group closed, but –

follow link to see contributions.

Music – Classical


Ian Hooper

4th Tuesday at 10.00am

Myths, Legends, Story Telling


Philip Weir

1st Monday at 2.30pm

Painting for Pleasure


Nina Rouse

2nd, 4th Fridays, 10am to 12 noon



Kate Riddleston

3rd Monday, 2pm



Peter Dakeyne

3rd Tuesday, 2.00pm

Play Reading (1) & (2)


Maureen Wingham-Eaton

2nd Mon (1), 4th Mon (2), 10.00am



Tony Taylor

2nd & 4th Thursdays at 2.00pm

Quiz (New)


Melanie Westenra-Hartley

4th Thursday, 2.00pm

Scrabble Playing Groups


Contact Groups Coordinator

By Arrangement

Singing Group


Hilary Foster

1st & 3rd Thursdays at 2.00pm

Table Tennis (New)


Peter Dakeyne

Alternate Mondays, 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Theatre Outings (New)


Sharon Jeeves

By arrangement

Town & Village History


Unfortunately, this group is now closed. Click the link above to see visits over recent years.

Walking Group


Phil Webb, Keith Shelton

1st and 3rd Fridays at 9.30am

Depending on your particular interest, there is plenty of scope for other groups to be started. If you would like to be involved in something new please contact any Committee member, who will be only too pleased to help. Also for this, or more information on the Groups above, please send a message via the box at the bottom of the page..

Please note, you do have to be a member of Stowmarket U3A before you can join any of these groups..

Useful documents by the Third Age Trust for Group Convenors, updated 2017

Group Convenors (TAT 2017)

Interest Groups (TAT 2017)