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Interested in words, common as white bread and/or the more exotic? If so, just join the U3A Scrabblers who play not only with the common or garden words from the Collins Dictionary but also with the less familiar words listed in the official Collins Scrabble Dictionary. So why QATS, QUOKKAS AND ZANJAS? Come on you well travelled U3A folk surely you have seen a QAT which is a shrub found in Africa and Arabia; or a QUOKKA which is a small Australian wallaby; or a ZANJA – an irrigation canal.

Our Scrabblers are more than mere boring stuck-in-the-mud seniors. We are enthusiastic U3A members who like to meet in each others’ houses, drink tea or coffee, play Scrabble, have fun, chat and yes, even gossip a little.

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Here’s a list of two letter Scrabble words (UK); ‘s’ means the word can be pluralised
AA s
noun type of Hawaiian lava
AB snounshort ABDOMINAL muscle
AEadjScot one alsoYAE
AH sverb express surprise or joy AHING AHED
AI snounTupi three-toed sloth
AL snoun E. Indian shrub alsoAAL
AMinflBEverb exist
ANadj indefinite article
AR snoun letter ‘R’
AS snoun Norse god AESIRnoun gravel ridge ASAR
ATprep denoting place or time
AWintj expressing sympathy
AXverb chop or cut down AXED AXES AXINGalsoAXE
AY snoun affirmative vote alsoAYE
BA snounAncEgypt soul
BE sverb exist BESnoun Hebrew letter
BI snounshort BISEXUAL
BO snoun pal or buddy
BY snoun pass to the next round alsoBYE
CHprnobsdial ‘I’
DA snoun heavy Burmese knife
DEprep from, as used in names
DI splDEUSnounL god alsoDEIDISverb dismiss or put down
DO snoun musical note DOSverb act DOES DOING DID DIDST DONE
EA snoundial river
ED snounshort EDUCATION
EEnounScot eye EEN
EF snoun letter ‘F’
EH sverb say ‘eh’ EHING EHED
EL snoun letter ‘L’
EM snoun letter ‘M’
EN snoun letter ‘N’
ER sintj expressing hesitation ERSnoun bitter vetch
ES snoun letter ‘S’ ESESalsoESS
ETinflEATverb consume food
EXverb cross out EXING EXED EXES
FA snoun musical note alsoFAH
FE snoun Hebrew letter alsoFEH
FYintj expressing reproach
GI snoun judo or karate costume
GO snoun turn verb move GOES GOING WENT GONE
GU snoun old Shetland violin alsoGUE GJU
HA sintj expressing surprise
HE snoun male
HI sintj calling attention
HMintj expressing hesitation alsoHMM
HO sverb halt HOING HOEDalsoHOH HOA
ID snoun self
IF snoun condition
IN sverb gather in harvest INNING INNED
IO snoun cry expressing triumph
ISinflBEverb exist
IT sprn neuter of he, she, him, or her
JAintjGer yes
JOnounScot loved one JOES
KA sverb serve KAING KAEDalsoKAE
KI snounJap spirit of martial art
KO snounMaori digging-stick
KYnoun cattle
LA snoun musical note alsoLAH
LI snounChin unit of distance
LO sintj see or look LOSintjarch expressing praise
MA snouncoll mother
ME snoun musical note alsoMI
MI snoun musical note alsoME
MMintj expressing agreement
MO snounshort MOMENT
MU snoun Greek letter
MYadj of or belonging to me
NA sintjScot no, not at all NASadvobs has not, or was not
NEadjmasc born with the name of
NO snoun negative response NOES
NU snoun Greek letter
NY sverb approach NYES NYING NYEDalsoNYE NIE
OB snounshort OBJECTION
OD snoun mystical force
OE snounScot grandchild alsoOY OYE
OFprep belonging to
OH sverb express surprise OHING OHED
OIintj attracting attention
OM snoun intoned Hindu symbol
ON sverb go on with ONNING ONNED
OO snounScot wool
OP snounshort OPERATION
OR snoun heraldic colour, gold
OSnounL bone OSSAnoun mouth-like opening ORA
OU snounSAf bloke
OWintj expressing pain
OXnoun bovine animal OXENnoun clumsy person OXES
OY snounScot grandchild alsoOE OYE
PA snoun father
PE snoun Hebrew letter alsoPEH
PI snoun Greek letter verb confuse PIED PIINGalsoPIE PYE
PO snounshort CHAMBERPOT
QI snounChin physical life-force
RE snoun musical note
SHintj requesting silence alsoSHA SHH
SI snoun musical note
SO snoun musical note alsoSOH SOL
STintj requesting silence
TA snoun expression of thanks
TE snoun musical note alsoTI
TI snoun musical note alsoTE
TOprep in the direction of
UG sverb dread or loathe UGGING UGGED
UHintj expressing surprise
UMintj expressing doubt or hesitation alsoUMM
UN snoundial one
UP sverb move up UPPING UPPED
URintj expressing hesitation
USprn we
UT snoun musical note
WEprn group that includes me
WO snoun misery alsoWOE
XI snoun Greek letter
XUnounmoney Vietnam
YAprn you
YE sprnarch you
YO snoun call for attention
YU snounChin precious jade
ZA snounshort PIZZA
ZO snoun Tibetan yak alsoDZO ZHO DZHO DSO

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