This page is for those members who would like record their reminiscences about particular events, or memoirs concerning their upbringing, schooling or, perhaps, working life.

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Holidays in the USA, Part 2 by David Hodes

I do hope you found the first episode of our American travels interesting, and now I’m going to recall some specific vacations we had on our various visits to the southern States. When we were first married Elizabeth’s American family set us into a bit of a routine: one year we’d go over to visit them, and the next year they’d come and visit us — if not her family, then her brother would send over close friends of his he’d made in Texas. Several of these were Labrador breeders, and most were professional people Michael and Joy knew; dentists, doctors, lawyers etc….  >>>>>

Holidays in the USA by David Hodes

Mrs. Whitelock’s presentation in March [2015] was very interesting, and brought back lots of happy memories of my own family’s vacations in the USA quite some time back, a little before the mass tourism really got started, at the time when it was almost pleasant to fly from the UK overseas, before the days of horribly overcrowded airports, security threats, jam-packed planes and all the other unpleasant manifestations of today’s flying experiences. >>>>>


From Hemel Hempstead to Stowmarket, the long way round

—Via India and Africa

My life so far from 1924 to 1983

I have written this for Jennifer, Gillian and Philip and my grandchildren. I dedicate this with love to Jean who was my friend and unfailing support for 58 years. Thanks to her love for us all, and her patience, hard work and determination over many years she made our lives in Rhodesia very special.
Pat Smith                                                                   September 2014