Handy Tips for web browsing

To view this, or any other web page ‘full screen’ toggle F11
To increase the print size, press   Ctrl and +
To decrease the print size, press   Ctrl and –
The same effect can be obtained by pressing   Ctrl and Scroll wheel forward (increase print size) or Scroll wheel backwards (decrease size)
All the web links on our ‘Links’ page when left clicked open in a new window (tab on your browser) still keeping your Stowmarket U3A web site open on the original tab.
Everywhere else on our web site, all links (left click) replace the page you are on with either a page/document on the site or a web page elsewhere; to return to your original page, use the back arrow.
If you would like to keep both pages open, hover your mouse over the link until you see the hand pointer then press down on the scroll wheel. This will now open in a new tab, again keeping your original easily accessible.
This trick works on any web site in the same way.